Ozark Highlands Trail maps

It’s taken way too long but I’ve finally finished a set of maps for the Ozark Highlands Trail.  They are in a 17-page PDF that is intended for printing on 11″ x 17″ paper (or viewed on-screen).  Notable features:

  • Free download!  Can be printed by The UPS Store or many big-box office supply stores.
  • Non-Forest Service property is highlighted to help you avoid trespassing if you wander off-trail.
  • Many well-known waterfalls in the vicinity of the trail are marked.
  • 1:24000 scale and 40′ contour lines like the USGS quad maps.  Higher resolution and more detail than the fancy folding maps sold by the OHTA.
  • Up to date.  The new mile marker locations are shown (between April ’16 and August ’17 the OHTA replaced all mile markers with new ones in different locations).  Map #16 even shows the proposed re-route around the May ’17 Stack Rock landslide.
  • Boundaries for Wilderness and Special Interest Areas.

About Michael R

I enjoy hiking, landscaping with native plants, nature photography, dark chocolate, fine dining, good movies, and old jazz.
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5 Responses to Ozark Highlands Trail maps

  1. Carol Percifull says:

    Thank you for the maps, used them on two hikes this week between Zack Ridge and S. Maumee. I noticed that you recently added a Boy Scout Monument to the map a little East of the M&NA Trestles. Can you describe the monument, would it make a worthy diversion from the main trail to see it?

    • Michael R says:

      That’s a great area, I hope you enjoyed it. You’re very observant to notice the addition of the Boy Scout Monument! It was constructed in the 1960’s I think, by a troop from Louisiana, I think. I’ve heard the story a time or two but am fuzzy on the details. It’s a concrete structure several feet in diameter but only about a foot tall. It has small river rocks embedded in the surface to make a design – the scout logo and troop name, I think. I don’t seem to have a picture of it for some reason. It’s not far from the main trail so it’s worth a detour. It was obscured by brush for many years and was just rediscovered about 6 years ago.

  2. rod carr says:

    Awesome job Mike. Plan on using these for future hikes.

  3. These look great Mike. Have you also done maps for the future segments?

    • Michael R says:

      Thanks. I have maps with a bushwhack route through the lower Buffalo Wilderness, and another set that shows the approximate route of the two trails along Lake Norfork. Both are still unfinished.

      The route for the remaining unbuilt trail at Lake Norfork is being researched now but we’re probably still a couple years from beginning construction there. Getting permission for an official trail through the Lower Buffalo Wilderness is still years away, if it happens at all.

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