Map: Buffalo River trail extension – Tyler Bend to Red Bluff Road

This map has been superseded by a set of maps for the entire middle and lower sections of the Buffalo River Trail.



13 Responses to Map: Buffalo River trail extension – Tyler Bend to Red Bluff Road

  1. Philip Meinert says:

    Do you have coordinates and other information for a location known as the Blair House? I have worked on several American Hiking Society groups working with Ken Smith in recent years. I believe a group of his perennial volunteers have dubbed themselves “Ken’s Krew” and will be assisting with the maintenance of the trail section from Red Bluff trail head to the Blair House.

    • Michael R says:

      Hey Phil, it’s at about 35.982498, -92.718185, or about 3 trail miles east of Grinders Ferry. It’s not a trail head, just a place used for maintenance access.

  2. Michael, has this whole section been built from Tyler Bend to AR-14?

  3. M Bennett says:

    Can you tell me where exactly the Red Bluff Parking is located? North end of Red Bluff or South end towards town? We have two cabins on Red Bluff and would love to do trail!

    • Michael R says:

      Sure, the latitude & longitude are 36.01616669, -92.65705109. It is at the far north end of the road, just a couple hundred yards short of the gate for the farm at the very end. There is a wide shoulder on the west side of the road for parking, and a path that goes about 20′ toward the bluff before hitting the BRT. Turn left there. A right turn leads into some private property and the unfinished area. More info and maps here.

  4. Brad Balsters says:

    I read once that at one time the trail went north across the Hwy 65 bridge and then under it and east to Gilbert. A friend wants to hike that section this fall. Do know anything about this old section?

    • Michael R says:

      That trail on the north side isn’t part of the BRT nor OHT. The Trails Illustrated map has it labeled that way but it’s a mistake. I haven’t hiked any of it but I think it follows the path of the old M&NA railroad and might be a nice walk even if it’s not official BRT. Looks like it’s about 3 miles long.

    • Michael R says:

      In fact, the trail runs about 1.8 miles east of Gilbert as well, passing the mouth of Bear Creek on the opposite side and ending at the trestles for the railroad bridge that used to cross the river. I don’t know if anybody maintains it. I’ve stood on the trestles on the south side and now I’m kinda interested in seeing the north side as well so I think I’ll check out this area when I’m up there in October.

      • Brad Balsters says:

        Thanks Michael. I’m curious about it too. Might have good potential for a day hike.

      • Cindy and I hiked this section last September. The trail is a nice easy walk. It is in good shape except where it meets the bridge at US-65. The weeds were taller than us. We bushwhacked through them and found a sign in the middle of all the growth. We have not hiked the section East of Gilbert yet.

  5. Is this trail for horse use as well? It looks awesome! Good job!

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