Upper Buffalo River Wilderness

General Info

As best I can tell, the Upper Buffalo River Wilderness is 13,294 acres, split between a 2,475 acre (about 19%) parcel within the Buffalo River National Park on the north, and 10,819 acres (about 81%) in the Ozark-St Francis National Forest to the south.

The only official trail is to Whitaker Point (aka Hawksbill Crag) but there are many social trails developed along old roads and near popular destinations.

Trail head coordinates

  • Kapark  (upper – just off FS1410):  35.8652, -93.4636
  • Kapark (lower – may sometimes need 4WD/high clearance):  35.8614, -93.4585
  • Dahl Memorial:  35.8163, -93.4501
  • Boen Gulf: 35.86298, -93.38514
  • Whitaker Point:  35.8984, -93.4579


My maps are in a 3-page PDF and show the locations of trail heads and well-known waterfalls, along with Wilderness, National Park, and National Forest boundaries.  Other points-of-interest will be added as they are found.  They will be 1:24,000 scale when printed on 11×17 paper.  I get this stuff printed at The UPS Store.  I think many big-box office supply stores can probably do it too.  Every time I update the maps the file will have a different name so if you want to bookmark or share it, link to this page – not the file.

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