Ozark National Forest Special Interest Areas

The Ozark – St. Francis National Forests have 21 Special Interest Areas (SIA) totalling approximately 23,243 acres.  SIAs are managed for their unique geological, botanical, biological, zoological, scenic, or cultural features.  These features are unique enough that they are not found in large areas anywhere on the Forests, or they provide the best representation of similar areas on the Forests.  These areas are designated as SIAs because of their unique features, complexity, and degree of interest.  They are managed for their unique recreational and educational values, and are intended for public use and interpretation.

Although I have this page in the trail section, there may not be any official trails within the SIA.  They can be very interesting areas to bushwhack though.

I added this page Jan 10 ’16 and haven’t yet been to most of these places but I do have basic topographic and boundary data for these areas so I can publish minimal maps of them relatively soon and then add to them as I explore the areas.

Name Acres Unique Qualities
Alum Cove 230 Geologic, Scenic USFS Info
Blue Hole 2,190 Geologic, Scenic
Buzzard Roost 62 Geologic, Scenic
City Rock Bluff 370 Geologic, Scenic
Clifty Canyon 5,486 Botanical, Biological
Devil’s Canyon 1,827 Geologic, Scenic
Devil’s Eyebrow 364 Geologic, Scenic
Dismal Creek 245 Botanical
Eagles Gap 225 Geologic, Scenic
Fern Gully 306 Botanical, Geologic, Scenic
Hare Mountain 88 Geologic, Scenic
Jack’s Creek 1,895 Geologic, Scenic
Mt. Magazine 4,319 Geologic, Scenic
North Twin 1,219 Botanical, Zoological, Scenic
Pedestal Rocks 1,016 Scenic, Geologic USFS Info
Penhook 628 Geologic, Botanical
Sam’s Throne 621 Geologic, Scenic
Sandstone Hollow 512 Geologic, Scenic
Stack Rock 339 Geologic, Scenic
Waldo/Wainscott 407 Botanical
White Rock 895 Geologic, Scenic

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