Trans-Ozark Trail

The Trans-Ozark Trail may someday be a trail running between Lake Fort Smith in Arkansas and St Louis, Missouri.  Many pieces exist, with gaps between.

Working west-to-east and south-to-north, the existing pieces and gaps are:

  • Ozark Highlands Trail – Boston Mountains section, 164 miles.
  • Buffalo River Trail (middle and lower river sections), 43 miles.
  • gap: Lower Buffalo River Wilderness.  Estimated to be about 16 miles.  A bushwhack route exists.
  • Ozark Highlands Trail – Sylamore section, 32 miles.
  • gap: about 8 miles between Matney Knob and the Lake Norfork dam.  Much private property.
  • Lake Norfork Trail, about 13 miles.
  • gap: about 18 miles.  All Corps of Engineers property?
  • David’s Trail, about 17 miles.
  • gap: about 7 miles to the state line.  All Corps of Engineers property?
  • Ozark Trail.  I haven’t researched this in depth but gaps seem to exist from state line to southern end of North Fork section, between North Fork and Eleven Point sections, and between Courtois section and St Louis.
Overview of the Lake Norfork area showing trail built and gaps between.

To do:

  • publish maps for Lake Norfork and David’s Trail

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