About Me

March 21 2018 note: The idiots in Congress have passed the abomination known as SESTA/FOSTA.  I have consequently disabled comments on my site since that legislation can make me criminally liable for what other people post.  Yes, it really is that stupid, and it’s retroactive too so I must also consider deleting all comments ever posted to try to be on the safe side.


Hi, I’m Michael R and I’m a compulsive hiker.  I started hiking in September 2010, did my first backpacking trip in March 2011 and have jumped-in with both feet – completing over 100 multi-day trips since, mostly in the Ozark and Ouachita mountains areas.  Originally from the Kansas City area, I moved to Fort Smith Ark in Aug 2013 to be closer to all the great trails and wilderness in the region before settling in Russellville Ark in July 2014.  Besides hiking/backpacking, I also enjoy making maps, landscaping with native plants, nature photography, dark chocolate, old jazz & blues, all food, and good movies.

I spent too many years in front of a computer monitor thinking about little except the career (software developer), and am now getting back outdoors as much as possible to have an active life while I still can.  I spend time with various organizations that build/maintain hiking trails and remove invasive vegetation from our wild areas.  It’s a great way to do something for the community and get outdoors at the same time.