Little Blakely Loops

The Little Blakely Loops consist of about 18 miles of trail in 5 loops plus connectors on the peninsula north of Lake Ouachita State Park, on USFS property.  USFS info.  Trail head is at 34.6285, -93.1992.  Jan ’15 trip, Nov ’15 trip.

If I lived closer, it would be my preferred place for a regular day-hike.  The best place for lake views is south and southwest of the parking area where the trail hugs the shoreline.

My map is one page and will be 1:24000 scale on 8.5×11″ paper.  Every time I update the map the image will have a different name so if you want to bookmark or share the map, link to this page – not the image.

3 Responses to Little Blakely Loops

  1. Great map! One of the few that is truly accurate.

  2. Thanks for the map. Did the hike yesterday and had some confusion at K. We were trying to go from K to H, but ended up at F. Wrong direction and everything. Probably user error, but we were very confused. Also, for anyone using this map, it is missing E and D, but they are pretty easy to figure out once on the trial.

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