Little Blakely Loops

The Little Blakely Loops consist of about 18 miles of trail in 5 loops plus connectors on a peninsula on the east side of Lake Ouachita.  This is USFS property north of the state park.  USFS info.  Trail head is at 34.6285, -93.1992.  Jan ’15 trip, Nov ’15 trip.

If I lived closer, it would be my preferred place for a regular day-hike.  The best place for lake views is south and southwest of the parking area where the trail hugs the shoreline.

Updated Jan 17 2018: Freshened the map style.

Updated 8-14-16 only to freshen the symbol styles and make it consistent with my other maps.

Updated 11-8-2015: I got tracks for the missing trail segments so the map is now complete.

Click on the image to get it full-size.  Every time I update the map the image will have a different name so if you want to bookmark or share the map, link to this page – not the image.  Will print at 1:24000 scale on 8.5×11 paper.

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  1. Thanks for the map. Did the hike yesterday and had some confusion at K. We were trying to go from K to H, but ended up at F. Wrong direction and everything. Probably user error, but we were very confused. Also, for anyone using this map, it is missing E and D, but they are pretty easy to figure out once on the trial.

  2. Great map! One of the few that is truly accurate.

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