Friending the Kaw

I took part in a float trip on the Kansas (Kaw) River today – organized by local Sierra Club groups and conducted by Friends of the Kaw.  American Rivers has named the Kaw one of the 10 most endangered rivers due to renewed threats from dredging.  It was good to see the river up close and learn what could happen to it.  Our flotilla of 23 canoes and kayaks put in at Desoto and went to Cedar Creek – about 5 miles.

The weather has been very dry so water levels have been low but there was a good rain a couple days earlier and it brought the water level up about 2 feet.  We didn’t drag bottom anywhere but often hit the bottom with the oars as we paddled.  A couple days earlier those areas were probably dry.

We never tipped over so I stayed dry this time but there was a lot of brownish foam in the river, and especially around the area where we took the canoes out.  It got all over the bottom of the canoes and then on our clothes as we carried the canoes and heaved them onto the trailer.  Fun!

I’ve added a “paddling” tag for my blog posts so I guess that means I’ll be doing this more.  There will be some whitewater involved next time (no, not on the Kaw).

Unloading the canoes and getting ready

A stop for lunch on a sandy beach. We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.

A Bald Eagle kept an eye on us

The nearby eagle nest

Preparing to head out after lunch

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