Waterfalls along the OHT

It rained over NW Ark much of the day Friday into early Saturday morning so it seemed like a good time to check out waterfalls on a part of the Ozark Highlands Trail where I knew they were plentiful.  It was also a good time to get some experience with my new compact camera – a Canon PowerShot S110.  So far it’s proving to be a major improvement from the old HP R740 (that was literally the cheapest camera available at Super Target).

Waterfall #1 is one of the more spectacular but difficult to see well from the trail.  The canyon is pretty steep here so getting below the falls for a better picture looked like it would be pretty time-consuming.  It could be worth it though.

Part of the cascades above the falls

Part of the cascades above the falls

OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.006Waterfalls #2 and 3 weren’t visible from the trail but I could hear them and they were easy to get to.  #3 was about 100 feet downstream of #2.OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.012 OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.013Not exactly a waterfall, but I really like the color in this photo.OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.020Waterfall #4:OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.021About 50′ downstream of #4 is #5, and draining into the same area is #6.  Neither is very visible from the trail so I made my way down below.  Here’s #5:

OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.025 OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.027…and #6:OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.038Waterfalls  #7, 8, & 9:

OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.040OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.045 OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.047Here’s one I passed-up on the way in because I just didn’t see a good picture, but on the way out, there it is:OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.052And finally, a couple more shots of waterfall #1.  I was expecting only brief scattered showers this day but instead, by the time I got back here it had been raining steadily for 6 hours so there was even more flow.

OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.055 OHT Waterfalls.2014-10-11.056



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1 Response to Waterfalls along the OHT

  1. Melody Reed Benard says:

    Lovely pictures!! Love all the waterfalls!!

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