Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater isn’t a hiking destination but it’s a great side-trip if you’re ever 40 miles east of Flagstaff on I-40.  It’s big – 3900′ diameter and 560′ deep – too big for me to get it all in one photo, and the force required to create it is incomprehensible.

The owners & operators of the property say it’s the “best preserved meteorite crater on Earth” and I suspect it’s also the most profitable, with an $18 entry fee.  There are many displays explaining the history of the crater, how the crater was formed, etc, a gift shop, and even a Subway in case you get hungry.

There are viewing platforms at three different levels and they normally do guided tours along the rim but they weren’t doing them during my visit due to 40mph sustained winds with 70mph gusts.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced wind that like before but it can take you off your feet if it catches you unprepared.  It can also sand blast camera lenses, eyeglasses. etc.



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  1. Lauri Buckman says:

    Amazing! I had to look…Roswell is 781 miles from Meteor Crater…. You’re welcome.

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