Stove and Cook Set

I have a JetBoil stove but what I use most on backpacking trips now is an alcohol-burning SuperCat plus a GSI Minimalist pot.  Here’s the complete kit:CookSet In the back row are the pot cozy and the pot.  The middle row features the two-fingered pot grabber, the stove, pot lid, and wind screen.  The front row is stove lighting implements, the stove base, and the snuffer.

The wind screen is a piece of aluminum with corners rounded and edges smoothed.  The square holes were already punched in it and are likely not important.  I tried aluminum foil but it burned-though very quickly and had to be replaced for almost every trip.  Weight = 18 grams.

The stove base is a cork disk covered with aluminum foil (shiny side out).  This insulates the stove from the ground and reflects its heat  – both things that help get the fuel boiling faster in cold temps.  Weight = 6 grams.

The snuffer is a can larger in diameter and a bit taller than the stove.  It is used to cover the stove and snuff the flame after the water has boiled so I can recover unburned fuel.  I think this particular can contained dog food and isn’t an ideal size but it’s the best I could find at the time.  The bottom has been pushed-out into a dome to create more clearance above the stove and a cork knob added.  Weight = 16 grams.

The stove base is larger in diameter than the outside of the snuffer so that there is little if any gap for air flow when the snuffer is in place.  The stove base is still small enough to pack flat inside the cook pot.

When packed, the wind screen is wrapped around the stove and inserted into the cozy.  The stove, snuffer, etc fit inside and the lid goes on top.  Total weight as show is 242 grams.  Obvious weight savings would include replacing the 45 gram lid.

I have no material connection with any companies, products or services mentioned in this post.

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