Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean State Park was Arkansas’ first state park.  Several trails can be combined for hikes of varying lengths up to about 16 miles.  Highlights include Cedar Creek Canyon, Cedar Falls, and the grotto in Seven Hollows.  Aug ’14, Sep ’14, and Nov ’14 trips.

The only way to get to the bottom of Cedar Falls is to go down the Cedar Falls trail from the lodge, or to go east on the Canyon Trail from the Blue Hole area.  You can’t get there from the north (on a trail).

My maps are in a 2-page PDF and are sized for 8.5×14″ (legal) size paper.  Note they are at different scales.  Every time I update the maps the file will have a different name so if you want to bookmark or share it, link to this page – not the file.

4 Responses to Petit Jean State Park

  1. Andrew Patton says:

    Where can I buy a copy of these two Petit Jean maps?

  2. Michael R says:

    They aren’t for sale anywhere, but you can download the files and print them yourself or have then printed at The UPS Store or an office-supply store.

  3. John Lenington says:

    I used to live in Arkansas and there is a point out where I lived (Billy Goat mountain area) where you can see the top of Pettit Jean Mountain. Granted it’s well off in the distance. And I was wondering if any of the outlook points face eastward? I went back to Arkansas after being gone for 20 plus years and visited the mountain but I didn’t have a compass to tell me the direction of the viewing area. I was just curious if I can make out that area I lived in from any of the Lookout points.

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