Perry Lake hiking

I spent another day at Perry Lake but, at long last, this time it was to hike instead of work!  I started at the Old Military Road trail head and went 3.5 miles west to the Old Quarry Road and back (Section 2 East).  After a break for lunch I headed about 3.5 miles east to Kiowa Road and back (Section 3).  About 14 miles total – just what I needed after stuffing myself with xmas dinner.  When I got back to my car I noticed a tick crawling on my wrist.  I guess it’s just a myth that you don’t have to worry about them after the first hard freeze.

The trails were very nice though the part to the east needs a bit of underbrush clearing.  Great rugged (for Kansas) terrain, good views.  I still want to explore section 2 west and section 4 east of Ferguson Rd (I’ve seen part of this while clearing brush).

I also explored a bit of the nearby “hike-in camping area”.  This is in what used to be the Old Military Road Public Use Area.  I don’t why it was closed or when, but at least one of the tent camping areas is maintained and is accessible by walking up the road about .4 miles or hiking west from the trail head to a spur (that I didn’t see) that leads up to the camping area.  There is a shelter house, 1 picnic table, vault toilets, a water hydrant, mowed grass areas for tents, and even a little amphitheater with a big fire ring in the middle.  Very interesting, and the likely site of regular Adventure Club meetups.  There are two more old camping areas further west but I didn’t look at them this time.

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I enjoy hiking, landscaping with native plants, nature photography, dark chocolate, fine dining, good movies, and old jazz.
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