Paddy Creek Wilderness #2

I was back in the Paddy Creek Wilderness this weekend, this time for the Backpacking 101 spring class.  Only 8 people that took the classes were able to participate in the trip.  Several others encountered last minute work-related issues.  With 4 crew and 2 others along for the ride we had 14 people in all.  We split into two groups and did the short loop – one group going clockwise, the other counter-clockwise.  I assisted with the CCW group.

We spent Friday night on “the overlook” – a narrow ridge that looks south over Little Paddy Creek. We had clear skies with lots of stars and then a nearly-full moon.

Looking south from the overlook area, along Little Paddy Creek.

Looking east from the overlook area, along the bluff.

Looking west from the overlook area, along the bluff.

The next morning we made our way down below the bluff to the creek for a little sightseeing.

After climbing back up the bluff we donned our packs and headed down the trail.  The plan was to meet the other group for lunch where the connector trail crosses the creek.  Even though we never discussed any particular time, they arrived less than 5 minutes after we did.  Heck of a coincidence.

The area was rather picturesque but for some reason I didn’t take any photos of it.  I did shoot some of the wildflowers starting to bloom.  False Rue Anemone and Dogtooth Violets were a couple I recognized.  Many others should be coming up soon.

I think this might have been pretty cool if it were focused properly.

Saturday night found us camped on a ridge above “the waterfall” (I didn’t get a picture of it this time).  Clear skies again and no moon until late.  As expected, it started to rain Sunday morning.  We skipped breakfast, packed quickly and hiked out, then stopped for breakfast at a Shoney’s in Lebanon MO.  They have a pretty good buffet.

Now I’m cleaning and drying everything in preparation for the next trip.

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I enjoy hiking, landscaping with native plants, nature photography, dark chocolate, fine dining, good movies, and old jazz.
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