Hunt’s Loop

Hunt’s Loop is a 4.3 mile loop on the west side of AR 7 north of Jessieville, Ark.  You can get to it from either the Iron Springs Recreation Area, or the Ouachita Trail’s highway 7 trail head.  About 1.2 miles of the loop is shared with the Ouachita Trail.

I’ve spent 17 days of the last month doing trail work – on both the OHT and along the Buffalo River – so it was nice to get out and just hike for a change, and nice to head back south into the Ouachitas.

The high point of the hike – elevation-wise – is on Short Mountain at 1372′, where a vista has views to the south and southwest.  The view is becoming a bit obscured, however.

Hunt's Loop.2014-11-12.010 Hunt's Loop.2014-11-12.011Other features are Iron Springs itself, and the usual CCC handiwork.Hunt's Loop.2014-11-12.012 Hunt's Loop.2014-11-12.014There’s really not much more to say about this trail.  It’s a nice walk in the woods and the 450-500′ elevation gain gives you an extra bit of exercise.

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