Caddo Bend Loop

The Caddo Bend Loop is a 4-mile loop within Lake Ouachita State Park that starts near the visitor’s center and follows the south side of a peninsula out to the tip (“Point 50”) then returns along the north side.

Caddo Bend Loop.2014-11-12.005

A tornado did significant damage to the area in April 2011.  Most of the south leg and part of the north leg have little or no canopy. Caddo Bend Loop.2014-11-12.017 Caddo Bend Loop.2014-11-12.038Caddo Bend Loop.2014-11-12.021Clearing the roads and trail kept a few chain saws busy for a long while.  The area out at the point still offers nice views into the main body of the lake.

Caddo Bend Loop.2014-11-12.027If I were returning to this area, I would hike the north leg out and back and just skip the south side.  On the next peninsula north are the Little Blakely Loops – about 19 miles of trail and probably far more interesting.

The Shack in Jessieville very competently addressed my cheeseburger craving afterward.

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