Buffalo River trail building – Spring 2015 progress

The spring trail-building session along the Buffalo River will end a bit early on Friday April 3 due to Easter, and the camp will be packed-up Saturday.

Despite several rain days we got more than 1 mile of trail built.  In addition to the many veteran volunteers were students from Texas State, Illinois, and Central Arkansas Universities who spent all or part of their spring break working here.

I spent more time hiking than digging and finally got a GPS track of the trail that is complete and open for use so I’ve been able to produce a map for the western 11 miles of this 27-mile project.  The eastern 11 miles have been done and open for several years, leaving a 5-mile chunk right in the middle where we are working.

Two obstacles remain.  The smaller is an area where the state archaeologist has not yet approved the trail route and the bigger is a chunk of private property that must be purchased or an easement obtained.  We’ll start working again in October and with any luck, will finish this year.

About Michael R

I enjoy hiking, landscaping with native plants, nature photography, dark chocolate, fine dining, good movies, and old jazz.
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6 Responses to Buffalo River trail building – Spring 2015 progress

  1. mike Adelman says:

    Good to share some time on the trail. Particularly interested in looking at your GPS track. Shared an aerial view of work site with Len Smith who was amazed by the photo and the shirt track and its details.
    See you in October.

  2. Jo Smith says:

    Big thank you to the trail builders, hopefully will be able to take a day off to see wildflowers on the Grinder’s Ferry Trail, may be a bit muddy but that is okay.

  3. Lee Walsh says:

    Thank you guys for all that you do on the Buffalo River Trail…..I’ve been on quite a bit of it and it’s great… was even on part of the new section recently.

  4. Brad Balsters says:

    Well I missed it. I was hoping to do some trail work next week but that must wait till fall. I’m switching gears now to hiking! Thanks for the map and keeping us posted on trail progress.

  5. Gerhard says:

    Thanks for the maps Mike. Good two weeks on the trail again. Optimistic about finishing in October. See you then.

  6. Brad Balsters says:

    Hiked the trail from Tyler Bend to somewhere just east of Gilbert. East of Grinders ferry we crossed one well maintained road and then hit another less maintained road just on the east side of Gilbert. Lost track of the trail at this second road. Assumed the trail must use the road for a segment and it angled downhill a bit as it met it so we took it downhill toward the river a ways but it was getting late so we headed back. Not sure where this road is on the topo map or on Google maps. Can you clue me in on where we were at this point?
    Parts of the trail are being overtaken by vegetation and an occasional downed trees but still enjoyed it very much.

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