OHTA work weekend – Ozone area

The OHTA had another work weekend, this time centered around the Ozone area.

12 of us met Saturday at the Ozone Campground and then drove to where the trail crosses a road on top of Moonhull Mountain.  One group headed west to take care of a small reroute and fill-in a large hole in the middle of the trail.  My group headed east, with a sawyer clearing downed trees from the trail, two brush cutters clearing all the brush within 2-3′ of the trail, and several people lopping and moving cut brush off the trail.  We made it as far as Brushy Ridge – about 1.5 miles – and made a big improvement in a part of the trail that hasn’t been well-maintained.

Overnight accommodations (plus dinner and breakfast!) were provided by one of our crew and his wife, who have a cabin near Ozone.  He’s part of a family with deep roots in the area and whose name is attached to several nearby geographical features.  It was great to hear his stories.

On Sunday 8 of us worked from the Ozone Campground east about 1 mile to Little Piney Creek, with a sawyer, two brush cutters. and several loppers.

The OHTA will have another work weekend March 5 & 6, probably in the Hurricane Creek Wilderness.

About Michael R

I enjoy hiking, landscaping with native plants, nature photography, dark chocolate, fine dining, good movies, and old jazz.
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