Ouachita Trail – AR7 to AR9 (section 8)

It was this stretch of trail where just 15 months ago I began my first section hike of the Ouachita Trail (completing it twice in 5 months!).  This time I had a shuttle so it was just a one-way trip (eastbound).  Much of the scenery was familiar, and even many of the pictures I took look similar to last time.  One new thing was the side-trip to climb North Fork Pinnacle.  As usual, I saw no other backpackers.

I guess this segment (section 8 plus the western 1/3 of section 9) could be summarized as: Sugar Creek, Flatside Wilderness (including the unnamed but scenic creek at mile 175, and Crystal Prong), Flatside Pinnacle, Brown Creek, North Fork Pinnacle, and Hillary Hollow.  Maps 22-25.

The weather was okay, with clear skies, lows of 35 & 50 and highs around 70.  More wildflowers are emerging, a couple trees that were probably Redbud were beginning to bloom, and some 4-legged reptiles were scurrying about.

I hiked out Sunday AM with lots of time to spare so I went to Lake Sylvia to hike a few miles there – my first time back since Sep ’14.

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