Ozark Highlands Trail – Lick Branch to Morgan Fields

A 2-night trip with a couple friends from Kansas City (RC & TC).  It was the first time seeing most of this stretch from east to west so some of it seemed unfamiliar.  The weather was pretty good, maybe a bit on the warm side – an odd thing to say in February.  The low temperature on night #2 was about 60 F.

On my first trip through this section in Oct 2011, the only water we could find in Indian Creek was a big pool just upstream of the crossing.  During my next trip in Dec 2016 even that was gone.  It was a big surprise this time to see no shortage of water.  There had been a little rain a few days earlier but I figured it probably didn’t do much more than refill the puddles.  I was so sure of it that I didn’t take my creek-crossing shoes and had to do this barefoot.


Indian Creek

Of course, the rain meant the waterfalls were flowing too and it was my first opportunity to see most of them in action.

Finally, spring is starting to spring.  The trees aren’t flowering yet (in this area) but we did see some Dogtooth Violets and even a couple regular Violets like this, plus lots of Daffodils that are naturalized around the old homesteads.


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I enjoy hiking, landscaping with native plants, nature photography, dark chocolate, fine dining, good movies, and old jazz.
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