Ouachita Trail shelter recon

I was finally able to get out and see the final 3 shelters built on the Ouachita Trail – Turner Gap, Suck Mountain, and Story Creek – all finished last fall and bringing the shelter count up to 21!

My OT maps will soon be updated with these actual locations in place of the guesstimates.  This next version will also feature markings for relevant area roads to make them more visible.

About Michael R

I enjoy hiking, landscaping with native plants, nature photography, dark chocolate, fine dining, good movies, and old jazz.
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11 Responses to Ouachita Trail shelter recon

  1. mpdm21 says:

    Excellent work on your site. I am retiring the end of this month and am planning a thru hike of the Ouachita Trail. Was wondering if you have the coordinates for the shelters. I would like to enter them into my gps software.

  2. Andrew Stone says:

    My buddies and I want to hike a 40 mile section of the Ouachita trail, but I am having a hard time picking which portion. Looking for good views, but also access to water. We don’t have time to cache. We have done most of the western portion, so we are looking towards the eastern part. Any suggestions?

    • Michael R says:

      Between AR9 and AR7 would be about 31 miles, or Big Brushy to AR 298 would be about 45. AR7 to AR27 would be about 40 but there is a bit of a dry stretch going over Ouachita Pinnacle.

      That first one probably has the best views and you could lengthen it by going AR10 to AR7 but that would then include some private property where you’re apparently not supposed to camp.

      I think all the major creeks would have water right now.

  3. Resse Lee says:

    Hi Michael: I want to go to Smith Creek loop of the Mark Twain National Forest. Would you let me know the driving direction to Boydsville trail head of Smith Creek loop. According to the map, there are two trail heads, I plan to start on southern part of the loop. I can drive starting from Nifong Blvd, Columbia, MO. Thank you!

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