Sugarloaf Mountain – Heber Springs

I made my first visit to Heber Springs AR, over in the general vicinity of Greers Ferry Lake, where many hiking trails are being developed.  The only place I was able to hike this time was Sugarloaf Mountain.  This is the one SE of Heber Springs – not the one in Greers Ferry Lake.

Sugarloaf Mountain is a prominent feature in that area, rising about 400′ above the surrounding terrain, and crowned with a sheer-walled bluff.  There is a trail around the base and one that goes over the summit, but not on top of the bluff.  To get to the very top appears to require some climbing skills.  I think I saw a route but didn’t want to try it alone, on a wet afternoon, with a belly uncomfortably-full of bacon double cheeseburger.

Sugarloaf Mtn - Heber Springs AR

There is another short level trail out to a small pond and a fourth under construction.  The Sugarloaf Heritage Council and partners have done a heck of a job removing the graffiti that used to cover this landmark.  While there, I collected GPS data, of course, and am working on developing some new maps for the SHC.

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  1. Mary Ann Reed Fateley says:

    I alway enoy your articles and photos…You are a very good photographer.I had to look twice with the white beard… :-).

    • Michael R says:

      Thanks! Just like I once (or twice) had to let my hair grow really long, I decided it was time to let the beard go. Like with the long hair, I’m sure it will run it’s course and things will return to normal eventually.

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