Upper Buffalo Wilderness – Compton, Wild Burro, and Beagle Point Falls

It was a great weekend for checking out some more waterfalls in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness, with a bit of rain a couple days before the trip and relatively good weather during.  The targets this time were Compton Double Falls (39′), Wild Burro Falls (21′), and Beagle Point Falls (76′) – all on or near Whitaker Creek.

This was a 3-day backpacking trip that started at what I call the Upper Kapark access point – it’s just off FR1410, not all the way in near the old cemetery.  Compton Double Falls is about a mile north and the other two are about 1.2 miles north east.  The catch is that there’s no trail so we battled brush and briars most of the way.

Even without waterfalls the great scenery all along Whitaker Creek would make the trip worthwhile.  As usual, Tim Ernst has much better photos but even his aren’t as good as being there in person.

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2 Responses to Upper Buffalo Wilderness – Compton, Wild Burro, and Beagle Point Falls

  1. Stephen C says:

    I can’t tell from your topographical map, would it be possible for a group of beginner to intermediate backpackers to go from Kapark to the Whittaker point trailhead in a weekend, seeing Compton’s double falls and Whittaker point, or would the grade around Whitaker Creek be too steep?

    • Michael R says:

      Following the creek down from Compton’s Falls and then up the other fork to the trail head would be too ambitious, I think. Crossing the creek just above Compton’s Falls and heading toward Mule Trail Falls, then to Whitaker Point, and then to the trail head might be doable but that’s a lot of bushwhacking and maybe still too much for beginners. I think the bluff line between Mule Trail Falls and Whitaker Point is almost impenetrable, hence the need to go around.

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