Wildcat Mountain Trails

Wildcat Mountain Trails.  10-12? miles.  Trail head is south of Lake Sylvia at 34.84623, -92.817855.  USFS info.  The trails are on old logging roads, and there are a few more roads than are shown on the map.  Partially blazed and not well marked.  Though open to mountain bikes, a couple areas have become so brushy or have so many down trees that they probably wouldn’t be much fun on a bike.  Jan ’15 trip report, Mar ’17 trip report.

Mar ’17 update: the tornado damage observed during my Jan ’15 trip has been cleared.

A map of the “interior” trails.  There are 2 or 3 paths leading outside that I haven’t explored yet.  Click on the image to get it full-size.  Every time I update the map the image will have a different name so if you want to bookmark or share the map, link to this page – not the image.  Will print at 1:18000 scale on 8.5×11 paper.

Mar 5 2017 update:

  • Added a few additional trails.
  • Added marking of area roads.
  • Re-scaled to 1:18000 on 8.5×11 paper.

Aug 16 2016 update:

  • I’ve changed the styles to be consistent with my other maps.
  • Added some track data (rendered in purple) that I haven’t personally hiked and verified, but I think it’s probably there.
  • A chunk of private property in the middle of all this is now noted with a translucent red overlay.  I kinda remember it being fenced and pretty noticeable.



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