Buffalo River Trail building – Fall 2015 kickoff

Fall seems far off but it’s time to start making some plans!  Work on the Buffalo River Trail between Tyler Bend and Red Bluff Road is set to resume Oct 16 2015 and run through Nov 1.  American Hiking Society will have a crew there Oct 18-24 with BRT alumni slated for Oct 25-31.  We’ll be camping at Tyler Bend, as usual, where the flush toilets and hot showers are much appreciated and our camping fees are waived.  Look for our “headquarters” – a big white canvas wall tent – around the north west corner of the regular campground, not the group campground.

Here’s my summary of the Spring 2015 session.  The archaeological and private property obstacles in the area between Red Bluff Road and South Maumee Road remain, so it looks like we’ll mostly be clearing brush along already-finished trail, constructing rock steps and cribbing, fixing erosion problems, and working with the OHTA to build a small bridge across a gully west of the Grinders Ferry trail head.

Whatever your abilities, we’ll find something for you to do and provide the tools.

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I enjoy hiking, landscaping with native plants, nature photography, dark chocolate, fine dining, good movies, and old jazz.
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2 Responses to Buffalo River Trail building – Fall 2015 kickoff

  1. Carol P. says:

    Michael, thank you for your wonderful hiking trail descriptions with locations. I’ve read many of them when searching for places to hike in the Ozarks. I am eager to hike the newest section of the Buffalo River Trail just East of Tyler Bend. How far can you hike now, is it allowed and exactly where does the trail start from Hwy 65?

    • Michael R says:

      You’re welcome. I’m glad the info has been useful. The trail goes under US-65 and through the parking lot at Grinders Ferry so that’s a good place to get on. You can go 10-11 miles east to the Red Bluff Road trail head (which is currently just a wide spot in the road with some parking on the west side. No signs.) at 36.01616669,-92.65705109. The section beyond there to South Maumee Road is where the private property and incomplete area is.

      The 11-mile section between South Maumee Road and AR-14 is a nice one too, with several views from high on the bluffs.

      For either, be prepared for creek crossings! They’re probably dry today but that will change.

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