Buffalo River Trail work – Fall 2016 kickoff

The Fall 2016 trail building session in the middle Buffalo River area is set for October 18-29 (maybe the 30th too?).  We will be camping at Tyler Bend (hot showers and flush toilets!).  Look for our headquarters – the big white wall tent – in either the main campground or the group campground.  I’m not sure precisely where we’ll be but that tent is hard to miss.  Our workday usually starts around 8:30 AM so be there before then.

The private property situation that has blocked us for a couple years is still not resolved so the focus will be on improving other parts of the trail.

The Park Service provides free camping, potable water, and tools.  Bring your own gloves, water containers, food, cooking and camping gear.  Whatever your abilities, we’ll find something for you to do – for a day, a weekend, or longer.

October 13 update: We’ll be camped in the main campground (the “peanut loop”) near the bathrooms, not in the group campground.

About Michael R

I enjoy hiking, landscaping with native plants, nature photography, dark chocolate, fine dining, good movies, and old jazz.
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2 Responses to Buffalo River Trail work – Fall 2016 kickoff

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Michael, I’m trying to find good hiking of Roger Pryor Backcountry trails. I know you commented a few years ago that trail maps were not existent and trails were fuzzy. Any updates that you know of? Seems pretty remote to wander without good map. No luck yet on Google search. Thanks, Jim

    • Michael R says:

      Sorry, I haven’t looked for a good R.P.B. map for a long time and haven’t even been back to that area since moving to Arkansas. You’d probably be fine with a topo map and compass if you’re competent in their use. Otherwise a GPS device would be a good idea so you can get back to your car.

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