Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 1

This Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 1 was a replacement for my 2011 model that got destroyed at Chaco Canyon.   I was looking for a roomy and free-standing lightweight tent to complement my Tarptent Notch.  Other tents I considered were Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 1, REI Quarter Dome SL 1, Nemo Hornet 1, Nemo Dragonfly 1, MSR Hubba NX 1, and MSR Freelite 1.  Several were eliminated because they use the jake’s foot connector.  Lack of venting in the fly eliminated a couple others.  Being only semi-freestanding or being front entry rather than side entry eliminated a couple more.  The Copper Spur was the last one remaining.

The most notable changes versus the 2011 model are lighter fabrics and a redesigned door.  I measured the packed weight at 2lb 7oz – 1oz lighter than advertised.  My floor and peak measurements of 88″ x 28-38″ and 38″ respectively agree with the advertised specs.  The tent is about 10oz lighter and 3″ narrower than the 2011 model.

The new door design makes entry and exit much easier than the old “rainbow” design, and eliminates the lateral tension that started causing zipper failure in my old tent.

The high volume pole architecture results in slightly more vertical walls at head and foot.  BA says it increases interior volume 20% but that increase apparently occurs in an area where it is not noticeable.  At least there’s no weight penalty.  The top cross pole is integral to the rest of the pole assembly so there’s no more risk of overlooking it until long after you’ve packed everything else or losing it.

Other differences: 3 built-in gear pockets in the ceiling (the 2 side pockets near floor level remain), the small door leading to the small vestibule is gone, lighter canopy-to-pole clips, different zipper pulls, the corner stake-out loops are now 2 or 3mm cord instead of fabric.

I’ve only spent 2 nights in it but it seems comfortably familiar and yet better.  I don’t see any of the changes as a negative (yet?).  I’ll get some proper photos on the next trip.

Aug 7 2019

The product was purchased with my own money.  I have no material connection with any companies, products or services mentioned in this post.