Mountain Laurel Designs eVent mitten shells

Rather than carry a variety of waterproof gloves/mittens to complement the more comfortable non-waterproof specimens, why not just have a simple and lightweight WPB  shell that I can wear only when I need it?  I’d seen Mountain Laurel Designs eVent mitten shells on many other people’s gear lists and now I’ve added them to mine.

My size large weigh 48g for the pair – lighter than the MLD specs – and fit over my warmest XL gloves.  They’ve got a nice long gauntlet with shock cord with a cord lock to hold them in place.


I’ve got the seams sealed now – my first experience with that super sticky stuff – so they’re ready for action.  I’ll update this as experience with them accumulates.  3-24-13


I have no material connection with any companies, products or services mentioned in this post.

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